Carbon Laser Facial

The carbon laser facial is a skin perfecting and revitalising laser facial using the latest AW3 laser technology. This treatment is ideal for removing excessive oil and sebum that builds up on the skin overtime, as well as minimising the appearance of large pores. This can leave the skin looking clearer and more luxurious from just one session. The smooth and flawless skin appearance is achieved by gentle exfoliation of the top layers of skin, which removes unwanted pigment and damage. This can also aid in the reduction of fine lines, wrinkles and acne scarring.

What does a carbon laser facial involve?

Firstly, skin is treated to a double cleanse and tone to clear pores and clean the skin thoroughly. Next, our innovative charcoal laser cream is applied to the face and is left to dry for 10-15 minutes. This soaks up excess oil, blackheads and dead skin cells, then the heat and light from the ND-YAG Q switch laser tip vaporises the carbon along with dead skin cells and access oils, breaking down the melanin and causes blood and collagen to rush to this area to repair the skin. This method means toxins and excess skin on the face is broken down through the lymphatic system, giving the skin a clearer complexion. This is not painful for the client.

  • Rejuvenates skin by removing dead skin cells from the surface
  • Long lasting results
  • Natural way to boost collagen
  • Good for your skin
  • No downtime

Before going for a facial, it’s best to keep your skin as hydrated as possible. We recommend using fragrance free skin care products 1 week pre and post your treatment facial for the best results. Eyewear will be provided during all sessions.

Skin rejuvenation and wrinkle treatments will show mild redness of the skin initially after treatment. This is a good sign the treatment has worked, and sufficient heat has been pushed into the epidermis.

Pigmentation treatments will initially turn darker after the treatment and then a crusting may appear on the skin which will shed off naturally up to 10 days after the treatment. The skin will then appear more even in colour and the pigmented lesions would be lighter in colour.

UV exposure must be avoided 30 days before and after laser treatments

SPF30+ needs to be worn daily, we recommend SPF50 pre and post treatment.

Make up should be avoided on the day of treatment


The sensation of this treatment will vary depending on the amount of melanin found in the skin. Clients say that the laser creates a heat sensation, and skin feels like light, mild sunburn post-treatment. Pain should NEVER be unbearable, and this would never be the case with Icon Inspire.

On average 3 to 6 treatments with 4 to 6 week intervals are needed for the best results, although visible results can be seen after your first treatment. Top up treatments may be needed in the future to maintain these results. This can be discussed in your free consultation pre treatment, to ensure the best outcome post.

The AW3 machines are well-trusted and used in clinics worldwide including the NHS. The treatment is non-invasive and encourages natural healing in the body, with no downtime.