Laser Hair Removal

Offering you Laser Hair removal using our AW3 Schnelle Diode Laser system. Utilising the latest crystal freeze technology, we carry out a safe, pain free and efficient method of removing unwanted and ingrown hairs with long term results.

Laser hair removal treatment involves coherent and direct light beams concentrated onto hair follicles. The light beams are absorbed by the melanin and pigment embedded in both the skin and the hair. This light converts to heat and breaks down the base of the follicle, therefore effectively reducing hair growth by up to 80 percent. There is no damage to the surrounding skin tissue or heat damage to the skins surface. The hair is not only less pigmented but becomes finer and has overall final hair reduction in treatment area. 

Laser hair removal involves top of the range medical grade laser equipment, and this is very different to an IPL. An IPL machine does not create permanent hair reduction due to its cheap manufacturing and incoherent light beams.

This treatment usually involves 6 to 8 sessions to achieve the desired hair reduction, this is dependent on the area and skin type and would be established within the consultation. There are 6 weeks between sessions, this is because the hair grows in cycles and needs to be in the growth stage for effective removal rather than the resting phase, which would yield minimal results.

Session times can often range, this is because pigment and hair growth differs from person to person. These sessions are 15 mins-1.5 hours depending on your treatment area. 

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Laser hair removal is only effective on dark or black hairs. This unfortunately means laser hair removal cannot treat blonde or grey hairs, due to lack of pigmentation the laser cannot efficiently penetrate the hair follicle. This treatment is available for both men and women and results do not differ based on gender.

This treatment is over all time efficient and painless, this is due to cooling technology within the AW3 Schnelle Diode Laser system. However, both skin type and pain tolerance differs from person to person, and pain can vary depending on the area. Pain should NEVER be unbearable and this would never be the case with Icon Inspire.

  • During treatments, hair should not be waxed or plucked from the treatment area for the most effective results. Shaving is permitted
  • Skin should not be exposed to the sun during treatment (this also includes sun beds and fake tanning). In the event of sun exposure SPF50 must be always worn.
  • Eye wear will be provided for the client throughout all sessions.

There is some mild redness on the skins surface and a mild tenderness. This sensation is often described as feeling like sunburn. We recommend using aloe vera during the healing stage.  There will also be some tenderness around the follicles which may lead to excess skin. After 4 days, simple exfoliation at home can help with shedding skin.