Brow Lamination

Treatment Time: 60 mins


One of the hottest beauty trends of 2019, this technique helps to correct asymmetrical eyebrows while solving the problem of hairs growing in different directions. The result? A beautiful eyebrow shape that looks natural yet fierce.

What does a Brow Lamination involve?

The Fluffy brow look is created using a process known as brow lamination, which is the newest Brow treatment to the industry and one that everyone is talking about! An amazing procedure which allows us to create a perfect Brushed up brow, or to straighten unruly curly brows!

The Benefits

It can eliminate the need for brow products such as brow soap brows & gels perfect to just brush and go!

Brow Lamination lasts anywhere from 6-8 weeks with good aftercare and is suitable for all genders.


Who is the procedure suitable for?

  • People who want a fluffy brushed up brow with a natural finish or big &
  • Brows that are unruly or growing in the wrong direction
  • Hairs that are strong and defy all brow products

Pamper Boxes

Valentines Couple Up Facial Box


Target ‘GLOW’ Facial Box


Target ‘PURE’ Facial Box


Target ‘REFRESH’ Facial Box


Cleanse & Clear Facial Box


Mini Million Dollar Box