Deluxe Dermaplaning

Treatment Time: 75 mins


This treatment is the ultimate pamper for your skin which will leave it looking healthier and brighter. Dead skin cells and peach fuzz are removed & pores are unclogged leaving it so flawless that your make-up it will glide on effortlessly or leave your skin glowing naturally without.

What does a Deluxe Dermaplaning involve?

Our Deluxe Dermaplaning is full of treats that your skin will thank you for. Our consultation allows us to identify what your skin needs, and we will then put together a bespoke treatment that is tailored to your specific skin type and concerns. We start with a double cleanse and then begin the exfoliation process with an enzyme peel. We use steam to soften your skin ready for the manual/ultrasonic extraction of blocked pores, followed by a balancing toner. The balm or degrease potion application is then followed by a full neck and face dermaplane which manually removes dead skin cells and encourages the skin to naturally continue the shedding process.

Once your skin is clear and refreshed we will apply a mask tailed to your unique skin, while the mask works its magic you can relax with the choice of a head or neck & shoulder massage. You will then be treated to 10 minutes of LED light therapy and a specially chosen serum. Finally, we will apply an SPF to help protect your skin before you leave.

The Benefits

  • Smoother skin
  • Blackheads and blemishes are removed
  • Prepares the skin for other treatments and products
  • Full skin treatment
  • Skin looks younger and fresher
  • Radiant skin


How does it work?

The Dermaplaning blade helps to remove dead skin cells which create a dull complexion that have not been shed naturally. By revealing the fresh skin beneath, you will instantly see a healthy glow, and the new skin then receives its own special treatment to make sure it is glowing and in the very best condition.

How long will it take?

This 75min-long treatment is the perfect opportunity to relax and give your skin a comprehensive and indulgent experience.

What is LED Light Therapy?

LED Light Therapy is administered through a special mask which uses colour wavelengths of different light which can stimulate collagen production, encourage healing and reduces the signs of ageing.

Will my skin be more sensitive to the sun?

By removing dead skin cells, we are removing your natural shield from the sun, so it’s important to protect yourself. That is why we apply an SPF at the end of your treatment and advise you to continue to do so each day after the treatment.

  • Do not apply make-up for the rest of the day.
  • Avoid using exfoliating products on your skin for at least a week after your treatment.
  • Book a regular treatment approximately every 4 weeks to help maintain the results.


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