Treatment Time: 2hr 30 mins


Microblading is a specialist form of semi-permanent make-up. The process involves using a semi-permanent tattooing process to draw individual hair strokes onto your eyebrows. This helps to define the brows, fill in gaps and create your desired shape that won’t smudge, fade or need reapplying each morning. We offer a free 15-minute consultation to talk you through the treatment, answer any questions and help you decide whether it is right for you. You are welcome to start your process with an HD Brow treatment to establish the style and shape you want your brows before embarking on your Microblading journey.

What does a Microblading involve?

We start the treatment with a consultation to establish how you want your brows to look. We will then go through a process of measuring your brows and designing a shape to suit your face. Once you are happy, we will begin the microblading. This requires a special pen with a number of tiny needles at the end that scratch the surface of the skin, implanting medical grade pigment into the skin. Your treatment includes a 4-6 week touch up, brow thread on both appointments and a brow shape once healed, as well as a deluxe aftercare pack.

Colour boost treatments are as follows:
0-3 months £60
3-6 months £100
6 – 18 months £150


How long do the results last?

The colour of your brows may fade after 12-18 months, so we recommend a yearly top-up to keep them looking fresh. We also recommend a top-up after the first 6-8 weeks to fill in any gaps where the pigment may not have taken fully. Your results will always be dependent on your skin type and how well you complete the aftercare.

Will they look perfect straight away?

Your brows will need time to heal, so for the first week or two you are likely to see the colour change and they may become flaky. This is all completely normal and they will reveal their final colour and shape after about a month.

Does it hurt?

It’s not painful but there will be a slight sensation during the treatment as the pen passes over your brows.

Does it look natural?

We always make sure that we create a colour and shape that suits your face, skin tone and hair colour to keep it looking totally natural.

  • Avoid picking or scratching at your eyebrows as they heal.
  • Gently wash your brows twice a day with antibacterial soap.
  • Do not use cleansers that contain acids or exfoliants.

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